Wendy Williams Slams Tamar Braxton: You Only Shaved Your Head For ‘Attention

Wendy Williams Slams Tamar Braxton: You Only Shaved Your Head For ‘Attention

Wendy Williams, 53, is back after her three-week health hiatus and she’s more fiery than ever! The talk show host shockingly dissed her supposed friend, Tamar Braxton, 41, during her “Hot Topics” segment which sent many oohs and ahh’s throughout her pack audience. Wendy slammed Tamar after the singer shaved her head on March 15 [as seen below]. While many guessed that Tamar’s new do’ was due to her emotional split with husband, Vincent Herbert, 44, Wendy said that’s not the case.

Wendy also went for Tamar because she has been missing from her family’s promo appearances for their WeTV reality show, Braxton Family Values, which is set to premiere on Thursday, March 22. “She suffers from all the girls in the family and she has the youngest [child] syndrome,” Wendy declared. She went on to share a story from her radio days, where she recalled her first encounter with Tamar. “I remember the first time we met Tamar, she sucked the life out of the studio. I was on the radio interviewing Toni Braxton… and then there was this girl popping and locking in the corner and I wasn’t looking in her direction yet I can see her and I’m like, ‘Can you move over for a second.’ … ‘Who are you?’”

When Tamar’s family appeared on Fox 5 [on March 21] to promote Braxton Family Values, Tamar and her sister Toni were both not present. The hosts questioned Tamar’s mother, Evelynasking if she was concerned that her daughter abruptly shaved her head, Evelyn said, “No,” adding that Tamar looks beautiful!


Wendy Williams Slams Tamar Braxton: You Only Shaved Your Head For ‘Attention

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