Wendy Williams Returns To TV & Thanks Fans For Not Replacing Her After Illness

Wendy Williams Returns To TV & Thanks Fans For Not Replacing Her After Illness

After a 21-day hiatus from her daytime talk show, Wendy Williams, 53, is back and better than ever! The outspoken host was filled with joy when she returned to her studio audience on March 19. Wendy received a roaring applause as well as a standing ovation after she took three weeks off to rest following her Graves’ Disease diagnosis and issues with hyperthyroidism. At the end of her signature “Hot Topics” segment, Wendy broke down in tears as she thanked her fans and crew. She dabbed her eyes with Q-tips — a signature Wendy move — while she thanked “the love of her life,” her husband, Kevin Hunter. Wendy even revealed that her husband called Dr. Oz personally about her health. While Wendy was tending to her health, her good friend, actor, Jerry O’Connell, 44, who filled in as her co-host.

On the same day she returned to TV, Good Morning America aired an interview with Wendy, which gave viewers a deeper understanding of her illness. Upon the news that she had to take three weeks off of work, Wendy told GMA‘s Amy Robach, “I cried and then I laughed. Are you out of your mind? It’s sweeps!” Her doctor then responded, “Do you want to be swept?” However,  for Wendy, it was the “best prescription ever,” she admitted. Now, the talk show host has nine different doctors she said during her big return. Following many tests and doctor’s visits, Wendy learned she was extremely deficient in vitamin D. “My internist told me I am if not the worst case of deficient vitamin D that she has ever seen in her career. Wendy also suffers from vertigo, which she said was affecting her equilibrium.

She left her fans with one last message before hitting the small screen for her highly anticipated return. “We, as women, particularly if — we have families, you know, we’re taking care of children, we’re taking care of, you know, home, our husbands, we take care of everybody but ourselves,” Wendy told GMA. “I’m not doing that anymore…”

Wendy Williams Returns To TV & Thanks Fans For Not Replacing Her After Illness

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