The #ForTheDick/Pussy Challenge Is Resulting In Hilarious Celebrity Videos

There’s a new challenge that is taking over social media, and it’s NSFW. The #ForTheDick or #ForThePussy challenge, depending on your gender/sexual orientation, has been going increasingly viral. You know that’s the case when celebrities of all kinds begin to take a stab at it. Now, if you, like me, are confused as to where this challenge originated and why it’s even happening in the first place, well I’m attempting to clear that up for myself (and you) with some quick internet sleuthing.

We can pinpoint Erykah Badu and Michael Blacksons’ back-and-forth #ForThe challenges as the two that really set things off for the majority of other celebrities and social media at large. The two dropped their respective freestyles (Erykah was #ForTheDick and Blackson #ForThePussy, duh) on Sunday night/early Monday morning.

However we can trace the root of the freestyle challenge back to a New Orleans-based rapper by the name of GameOva REEDY. She dropped her “For the Dick” Freestyle music video in April of this year, currently sitting at 1 million views– which, by viral standards, isn’t actually massive numbers. Hopefully as people unpack the challenge, the originator gets her credit– she spoke on such, “I haven’t received no extra benefit from this song, not a single dime, no endorsements or anything. I’m highly upset cause I’m not getting the credit I deserve,” she said in a recent vlog, although, at the same time, she offers appreciation for celebrities doing it. “I just want them to know where it came from,” she says in the video.

Comedian/Actor Jacob Berger

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