T.I. Trying To Get Tiny Pregnant Again To ‘Seal The Deal’ On Reconciliation

TI and tiny back together,  tiny planning to have a baby. TI reconciliation with tiny

“Thanks to all her hard work, exercise, and dieting, Tiny has achieved what she is calling her ‘get-your-man-back body’. While her friends were telling her to get sexy for revenge, her plan was just the opposite. She wanted to lock in T.I. again, and thanks to all her body makeover it worked. She is feeling hotter than ever and her sex life with T.I. is super juicy. It’s better than ever!
Tiny has been rocking the new lingerie and they have been having more fun together than ever. But what T.I. finds most sexy about Tiny what a great mother she is,” the source dished. “He’s trying to get Tiny pregnant again to seal the deal. He loves his family and wants as many kids as possible. He is far from over with being a father, and thinks Tiny is a sexy MILF.”
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