Sylvan LaCue ft. BJRNCK – Empathy (Official Music Video)

Sylvan LaCue ft. BJRNCK – Empathy (Official Music Video)

Since the release of his critically acclaimed album, Apologies In Advance, Sylvan LaCue has begun to be recognized as one of rap’s most talented minds and lyrics, and rightly so. LaCue’s mastery extends far beyond his years, and by creating music that will undoubtedly stand the test of time, he is ready to take over in 2018 and offer more timeless material.

Here comes the new music video for the song “Empathy“, presented by BJRNCK, directed by Jonathan Benavente and Nick Mahar. Taking a therapeutic approach while LaCue relies on several people for their internal struggles, the illustrative graphics show fans the process that the growing talent needs to clear their minds and make peace with their situations from the hairdresser to the therapist’s office.

Empathy” was a drug song as it is, but now translated into the big screen, it inspires new life in a prominent release in every way.

Watch, stream and listen to the new song by Sylvan LaCue ft. BJRNCK  titled Empathy below

Sylvan LaCue ft. BJRNCK – Empathy (Official Music Video)

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