Knxledge – WT​.​PRT_13 (Mixtape)

Knxledge – WT​.​PRT_13 (Mixtape)

Los Angeles producer Knxwledge, famous for his work with Anderson Paak and Kendrick Lamar, provided us with a rhythm band available on other bands in the bandcamp. Needless to say, Knxwledge is so rich, it feels like he’s working on the rhythm every time he woke up. Someone who is loyal and faithful to his love, that is Knxwledge to you in a few words.

WT. PRT_13, like his other solo activities, involves cutting back on rhythm and rearranging vocals to make his music clear, even when he is heavily biased toward sample recordings. I heard.

His remixes in “Plan de Dios” and “Look Alive” are very timely. Their musical style seems to have gone through a parallel reality just to land in front of us in an incomprehensible way. Funk lives in its profile, I live in its soul. Please say my words, if you still do not know.

Take a look below

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Knxledge – WT​.​PRT_13 (Mixtape)

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