Jacquees Feat. Wale – It’s On The Way (New Music)

Jacquees Feat. Wale – It’s On The Way (New Music)

Fans have been patiently waiting for the release of Jacquees‘s first album, 4275, for some time, as he said the album was “finished” in June, but unfortunately we have not done so yet. Then, to make up for the delay and keep us up, the R & B scriptwriter decided to go by yesterday and share a new EP song of 6 meanwhile called This Time Im Serious. , which he has provoked during the last months.

Look to highlight one of the recordings, here is considered the best feature of the EP with “It’s On The Way” with Wale. Produced by Nash B.

In addition to his upcoming album, 4275, Jacquees is also preparing a joint project with Chris Brown, which is one of the ways he says it’s a heavy R & B Breezy movie. “We want to do R & B. Chris has other projects he’s doing now, where he’s doing a lot of rap and giving him all the flavors, but because of this he really wants to sing and come in. It’s like,” Let’s kill them with R & B “, He said, so the song got much more along the way.

Listen to the R & B ballad below and tell us what you think.

Jacquees Feat. Wale – It’s On The Way (New Music)

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