Beyonce shops with Blue Ivy.

Beyonce shops with Blue Ivy.

Imagine the shock on the faces of all those Target shoppers, knowing they were in the same store as Beyonce? The 36-year-old mom was spotted inside a big box store in Los Angeles over the weekend, according to the Daily Mail. Along with her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, 6, Beyonce was just like any other suburban mom on a budget. Bey, estimated to be worth $500 million, kept a low profile while filling up her cart with goods. No word if she was stocking up for her OTR II tourwith hubby JAY-Z or just picking up some groceries for the home.

Sooooooo I saw Beyoncé at work today… ” twitter user @AnaEBaez tweeted, snapping a picture of Blue and Bey. “Photo credit to my favorite GSA, Katherine. She doesn’t have a twitter lol.” Ana also recorded a video of her – naturally – fangirling out (because who wouldn’t, honestly?) “Beyoncé is in the store. Beyoncé! Beyoncé! Beyoncé!” Ana did her best not to blow up Bey’s spot, saying that she “posted [the video and pic] after she had already left + I didn’t say where this is at nor am I gonna say. Mind ya business.”

Ana wasn’t the only one to spot Bey in Target (pronounced Tarj-shey, because it’s classy.) “bro im so freaking sad right now :((( my sister ran into beyonce at target up in LA,” @keiladayla tweeted, sharing a Facetime screenshot of her and her sister. “i literally heard blue ivy laughing and it made my day.”

Strange enough, this is not the first time that Beyonce has hit up Target. She took Blue, mother Tina Knowles, 64, and one of her then newborn twins shopping in early December 2017, according to Billboard. Needless to say, the Beyhive was buzzing over how their Queen shops just like them. “Beyoncé Shops at Target; In Other News, I Now Live at Target,” one tweeted. “why Beyoncé out here shopping in target like she human or something.” “She’s out here wearing a mommy backpack and pushing the kiddie cart through a Target, @Beyonce you’re doing amazing sweetie.” Considering how Kylie Jenner sent Snapchat’s stock plummeting with a single tweet, did Beyonce just blow up Target? That’s the power of Bey.

Beyonce shops with Blue Ivy.

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