ABRA Drops Her Latest Single “NOVACANE”

ABRA Drops Her Latest Single “NOVACANE”

Abra has been working heavily over the past few years, breaking boundaries and pushing her creativity to the limit. While her music is rooted in R&B, it’s never been limited to the genre. She’s been dropping some pretty solid loose singles throughout the year. Today she returns with her most recent work “NOVACANE” via Adult Swim’s Single Program.

There isn’t much vocal performance from her on the song. However, ABRA produces a bass-heavy electronic track to get into a zone. Through the heavy bass, the frantic synths and glitchy vocal samples, the song takes you on a journey. While Abra’s known for blurring the lines between genres, this is definitely a song that showcases her ability in doing so. The song sounds like something you’d hear in an after-hours while scrambling to find your friends that you lost an hour prior. It has a party tone to it but there’s also a sense of urgency to it as well. Abra’s already proven to be an incredible singer and songwriter. However, this single showcases her abilities in arrangement, composition and production.

As Abra gave us something to hold us over until we get another project from her. She dropped her most recent EP Princess, last year. Her debut album, Rose, will be released on a special edition vinyl on October 6th. The project dropped in 2015.

Throughout the course of the year, she’s been dropping some pretty promising singles. Earlier in August she dropped the Da$h assisted single “DEJA VU” and prior to that, she recruited Stickz Greenz for the J. Rob produced “Play.” Hopefully we’ll receive a new project from her sometime in 2018.

Take a listen below.


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